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Business Development

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Existing company you are looking to grow, improve or drive more business towards?
Start-up business you need help to reach its potential and really make fly?
Have a great new business idea but really don’t know where to start??
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The logo for NANG used in the Header

What is nang?

We don’t use the term networking when we’re chatting about who we are and what we do, because it’s so much more than simply networking!
We have nothing but respect for those who have gone before NANG (BN) but NANG is blasting the cobwebs out of the often stuffy and one dimensional business networking industry with its fresh and zesty approach!

NANG treats superhero business owners with the respect they deserve and provides the supportive and nurturing environment they need to NANG their businesses, increase profits and level up!

It's not just networking! It’s Business Development!!!


Making Business Fun

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Who doesn’t want to make money with a smile on their face? The current of fun, flows through everything that NANG does. Happy people are more productive. Fact! Whilst NANG’s core ethos and belief in business development is taken extremely seriously, our focus is on achieving amazing results, in progressive ways that ensure our members have a laugh along the way. Positivity and Good Vibes only!

Increase Sales

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NANG uses targeted and trusted sales tactics to generate more revenue for your business. Working as a group of like-minded business owners will always boost your business, but NANG adopts a far more sales-centred approach than other groups; even addressing seasonality in members’ quieter months with strategies to increase sales in the months when a members’ business needs it most.

Risk Free Proposition

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So many old-school networking groups don’t really care if a member
makes a great R.O.I. on their membership. In fact it serves them
financially, if they leave and are replaced!
Not at NANG! Oh no! We want our members to get amazing bang for
their NANG.
We are that confident that if come the end of your 12-month
membership you haven’t invoiced the membership value, we will refund you the difference. But trust us this isn’t going to happen!

Industry & Matter expert advice

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One of NANG'S meeting formats includes a visiting guest speaker. These will be experts in their specialist field. They will cover any aspect of business that will add value to our members on a both a business or personal level.
We also appreciate the wealth of talent and industry expertise amongst our members so we tap into this wherever possible to give insight and guidance to the other members of the group.

Meetings scheduled to work around busy lives

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Whilst commitment is key to the success of NANGs approach, we
appreciate that we all lead busy lives and the structure of NANG is
massively geared up to work around this:
-Early morning meetings for minimal impact on the working day.
-4 weeks on / 1 week off (pretty much).
-Fortnight breaks positioned during the major holidays.
-Who doesn’t like a holiday right? 4 weeks of pre-bookable holiday.
-Don’t fancy it one day? Something crops up? Had a little Tuesday vino
party? No problems! Use one of your 2 NANGover cards.
In a nutshell the base level requirement is that members attend 35 meetings a year. That’s pretty blooming flexible if you ask us!

Industry Sector Exclusivity

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This one is pretty simple! Be the first business in your sector to sign up to a group. Secure exclusivity for that sector within your group. No competition!!
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How Nang

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So how did it all happen? About 13.8 billion years ago something called THE BIG NANG happened which is thus considered the age of the universe. Fast forwarding to today’s day with about 66.4 million UK population, NANG’s core aims are to bring business-minded people together.
If you want to know how to get your business involved with NANG it’s simple! Get your beautiful behind to a meeting. You can check the calendar below for meeting dates, times and locations; use the contact link to register your interest, and we will gladly send you further info.

NANG is all about keeping things fresh. So we don’t do the same old meeting on repeat and there certainly aren’t any scripts! We switch things up to maximise engagement and keep smashing great results. We’ve got four fun and effective meeting types…….
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Member Spotlight

Member Spotlight

This meeting format is designed to really drill into individual businesses, what makes them tick and what they really ‘need’. Two members will get to present (should they wish to do so) but the core of this meeting is a Q&A with strategic questions to help the other members really understand that business and learn how they can help that business to ‘Level Up’. If a business has seasonal highs and lows, we position that business’s spotlight a couple of months before their usual lull with an aim to get them the best results for that period as possible.

Guest Speakers

Guest Speakers

This is pretty much covered in the ‘WHY NANG’ section, but to recap, we bring in top quality, outside guest speakers to talk about all aspects of business as well as utilising the talent in the room to do the same. We may have the group's digital accountant talk us through the benefits of Xero software, or the website developer discuss getting the most from your website. The idea behind this, is knowledge is power and we expect every member to take at least one golden nugget from each of these meetings that they can adopt or consider for their own companies.

Speed Meetings

Speed Meetings

A fast-paced meeting where everyone in the room gets a minute speaking about their business and hearing about the others’. Heard of speed dating? You get the idea! The more members know about one another’s companies, the more business opportunities they will get for each other. (N.B. Speed Meetings are currently on hold due to safe social distancing practicalities).


Pop Presentations

Super simple. Every member & visitor to this meeting gets to stand up and take a minute to a minute and a half to tell the rest of the team what their business does, what they have been working on and who would be a dream type of contact for them, to keep their eyes peeled for.

Bang for your nang!

NANG adds value to its members in a multitude of groovy ways but ultimately the bottom line of why most businesses exist, is the bottom line! So we track that! That’s all we feel the need to track!
Members have access to a members only portal on this website where they log all of the business they have received and which one of the group passed them the lead. The total each individual member has received is for their eyes only on the portal and the only figure that is publicised to the group is the overall team
Bang For Your Nang (BFYN). If someone is struggling to contribute or receive BFYN we put a friendly arm around them and we help them turn this around so everyone gets the win!
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Where & when NANG

Next generation networking for today’s entrepreneurs and business owners. The networking group is a fun and exciting arena for #NANGSTERS to grow and develop their business! Have fun while making money.
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